Your personal experience as a business leader, coupled with the support staff and rigorous research provided to you by READYNATION/AMERICA’S EDGE, makes your voice unique.  Expressing your opinion about how we can protect America’s competitive edge in a global marketplace through proven investments in children and youth, can help strengthen your business and local economy, ensure your employees have the skills you need, and build important relationships with your legislators.

“Being a member of America’s Edge is a great fit for me as a business leader. As a member, I can lend my voice on issues that are important for our economy and community, while requiring very little of my time. I encourage other business leaders to join and add their voice to an issue that makes smart economic sense, business sense, and helps create stronger communities

–Jeff Goronkin, President/CEO, IZOCA, Albany, NY

Join us to make a difference for your business, your community and for children.

If you are not a businessperson, we would be glad to add you as an ally and send you our materials.  Please click here.