Frequently Asked Questions

  • What

America’s Edge is a membership organization of business leaders who work to strengthen businesses and the economy through proven investments in children and youth. America’s Edge operates under the umbrella of the (c)(3) non-profit, Council for a Strong America.

  • Why

To protect America’s competitive edge in a global marketplace, we educate policy-makers and the public about research-based investments that will enable their businesses to compete in today’s competitive global marketplace, build a foundation for lasting economic security, and help our nation’s children get on the right track., America’s Edge is focused on two policy priorities: high-quality early childhood education and innovative education models. These investments strengthen American businesses and our communities, improve children’s lives, and pay for themselves many times over.

  • How

America’s Edge staff work with our members to educate policy-makers and the public by:

  • Communicating with elected officials through letters and personal meetings.
  • Submitting opinion editorials and letter-to-the editor to local newspapers.
  • Participating in press events when new research reports are released.
  • Participating in legislative hearings and briefings.


When the business community gets involved with early learning issues, it will draw considerable attention, just due to the fact that the business community is involved.”

–Dana F. Connors, President, Maine Chamber of Commerce.


  • Results

America’s Edge is helping change the way policy-makers and the public look at investments in programs for children and youth. America’s Edge members are guiding the way to a stronger and more sustainable economy by advising policy-makers on why our nation must invest in high-quality, proven and promising programs that provide immediate benefits to businesses’ bottom lines and ensure businesses will have employees with the skills American businesses need to succeed.  America’s Edge members know these investments have high rates of return and provide both short- and long-term gains for local economies and our communities.

America’s Edge has generated media coverage of its message to “strengthen businesses and the economy through proven investments in our nation’s children and youth” in newspapers and media events across the country.

America’s Edge has educated numerous state and Congressional policy-makers and opinion leaders through testimony, briefings and meetings about how businesses and economy will be strengthened though investments in children.

America’s Edge provides a critical voice in winning billions of dollars in new federal and state investments in Head Start, pre-kindergarten, early childhood care and education, and other programs for children and youth.

  • Funding

America’s Edge is supported by tax-deductible contributions from foundations, individuals and corporations. America’s Edge accepts no funds from federal, state or local governments. America’s Edge operates under the umbrella of Council for a Strong America, a 501 (c)(3) organization.

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