In Our Own Words

America’s Edge members are a valuable resource to policy-makers as they make critical decisions that impact the bottom lines of our businesses. Our personal experience as business leaders, coupled with rigorous research provided by America’s Edge, makes our members’ voices unique.

Here is what America’s Edge members have to say about why they joined America’s Edge and how you can help.

As a business executive, I want our elected representatives to devote tax dollars to programs that deliver the biggest punch for economic development. Investing in early learning creates new jobs immediately and grows the economy.  . . . [E]arly learning is essential to a well-managed education system.  It’s also good business for Washington State.”

–Michael Edwards, President Emeritus and Director, Thurston First Bank, Olympia, WA

“A quality early care and education system that will bolster our ability to keep and attract skilled employees today will also ensure a future work force armed with the 21st century hard skills Michigan businesses will need.”

–Cynthia Williams, Executive Director, Michigan Education Special Services Association, East Lansing, MI

Retraining adult workers can be expensive, and not always guaranteed. We need to make sure that the next generation is educated and ready to roll up their sleeves and get to work. The best way to do that is to make sure tomorrow’s workforce starts their training and development at the very beginning.”

–John Peters, President, Downeast Energy and Building Supply, Brunswick, ME

Increased support for early care and education offers legislators an effective way to help support local businesses and improve today’s business climate while building a stronger work force and economic security for the future. And that’s a positive bottom line for all of us.

–John C. Cavalier, Chairman/CEO (Ret.), MapInfo, Inc., Watervliet, NY