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I’m not sure if the benefits of early childhood education are well understood by the business community.  But when it is understood, it’s a call to action.”

–Dana F. Connors, President, Maine Chamber of Commerce.

Recruiting Business Leaders in Bangor, ME

ReadyNation business leader members work to strengthen businesses and the economy through proven investments in children and youth.  We take a critical look at the knowledge, skills and abilities businesses need their employees to have, including the ability to communicate, collaborate, and think critically. We educate policy-makers and the public about high-quality investments that protect America’s competitive edge in a global market place, build a foundation for lasting economic security, and help our nation’s children get on the right track.

ReadyNation members are business leaders from across the country. The membership of ReadyNation includes senior decision-makers from the business community such as: business owners and principals, CEOs, presidents, COOs, CFOs, vice presidents and other key members of senior management.


Join us to make a difference for your business, your community and for children.


ReadyNation asks for no membership dues , members’ time commitment is minimal, and approval is obtained before ever using a member’s name, title or company.  If you are a business leader who would like to be a part of ReadyNation, please complete the online membership application form by clicking here. If you would rather complete the membership form on paper, please click here to download a pdf of our membership form, and fax the signed and completed form to: 1-866-638-7048, or e-mail to

If you are not a businessperson, we would be glad to add you as an ally and send you our materials.  Please click here.