What We Support

America’s Edge supports investments that pay big dividends to businesses both today and tomorrow, strengthen communities, and get children school- and work- ready.  These programs are proven to:

  • Strengthen the economy now by generating nearly $2 for every new $1 invested through increased sales of local goods and services.
  • Create tens of thousands of jobs.
  • Generate high, long-term returns on investment of up to $16 for every $1 spent due to reduced crime, welfare and special education costs.
  • Ensure a world-class workforce with the knowledge, skills and abilities businesses need their employees to have in the 21st century.

We advocate for both federal and state investments that will strengthen our businesses and economy, while also getting children on the right track.

Expanding federal support for quality early education and child care programs will bring immediate short- term relief to working families in Maine. Many families struggle to meet the cost of day care or preschool tuition, which today costs more than a year’s tuition at the University of Maine.”

–James A. Clair, CEO, Goold Health Systems, Augusta, ME