Rachel Bosman was at a very young age when the realization came that she was one of the privileged few who had access to good education. She saw how the lack of early education or flexible options could ravage the lives of many. Therefore, after completing her masters, she decided to give the world back a little of what it had offered her. The objective was to let the individuals who do not know how education can transform lives become aware of the possibilities.

Therefore, she started America’s Edge with a singular goal to deliver every information possible about education and academics so that others could make informed decisions.  From how early childhood care plays a vital role in children’s development and provides valuable support to families with young children to how one can access online courses, the site is a goldmine of data. Anyone who has any question related to education can get the answer they need right here.

Rachel envisions this platform to become the haven everyone needs when it comes to high-quality education services. It is her way of paying it forward in the hope that someone will benefit as she did throughout her educative life.